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Each new day brings new opportunities and challenges. And yet, with each passing season, something essential remains. That’s the sense you get being at Pryor Bacon Company, an excellent choice for any commercial real estate need. Now over half a century old and in its third generation, this dynamic team remains determined to lead in recognizing and utilizing the changing market within the greater Chattanooga area.

“Things are like night and day different from when I started working with my dad, Pryor Bacon, Jr explains when he started working in the 60s. “The pace and the ways we communicate with one another have completely evolved. It’s much quicker and our use of the internet would have been amusing to the old man, to say the least. That’s one reason I’m glad to have my kids to show me around when I have to figure out something that didn’t exist ten years ago.”

“It’s been great working with dad and learning his wisdom and knowledge that he picked up from our grandad, Senior. It’s really our family business and we take a lot of pride in it,” says Pryor Bacon III, the third man with that name to work in the company. “I’ve been sorta working towards working in commercial real estate my whole life, from when I graduated from Baylor to when I studied Accounting and Finance at Auburn.”

“This new team works well, complimenting one another’s best skills in bringing excellent service in meeting the needs of owners and buyers in the Chattanooga market. Investors should be aware of these up and comers within the strong tradition that Pryor Bacon provides.”

“One of the things we like to do is introduce the market to some of the properties we have available right now. They are great locations and provide excellent opportunities for investment.”

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Meet The Bacon Family

Pryor Bacon III has been involved in the Pryor Bacon Company his entire life. Whether he was playing in the sand pile on the job-site as a kid, filing, building spreadsheets, or delivering the traditional case of fresh oranges to each tenant for the Holidays, he worked every summer and winter break. During the summer of 2002, after he graduated from The Baylor School, he completed the appropriate courses, passed the test, and obtained his Real Estate License at the age of 18. That fall, he began his college career at Auburn University. As a natural leader, he was one of a few young men who founded the Beta Lambda chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. After four years of fraternity fun, many intramural sports, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, he decided to stay another year and complete a degree in Finance. In the summer of 2007, bringing many fresh ideas, points of view, and much accounting and finance confidence, Pryor returned to Chattanooga to work full time. Currently, Pryor handles all of the accounting for the company. In his free time, he is an avid organized sports enthusiast.

Pryor Bacon Jr. didn’t realize his career had begun early one morning in his young teens as he laced-up his boot straps and headed out the door to work for Big Pryor. “I grew up on a dozer in a pair of boots. I didn’t go to an office, just the job site. First, we built houses, then moved into commercial property.” Later, in Big Pryor’s life, Pryor Jr. managed several of his father’s commercial properties. He naturally caught on to the ins and outs of real estate, and after several years, Pryor bought two commercial buildings from his dad. This was the beginning. Over the last thirty years, Pryor has built over 300,000 square feet, and currently has interest in over 500,000 square feet of commercial space. Pryor is a Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, Sub-contractor, Investor, and Property Manager. In his free time, Pryor enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and children, snow-skiing, flying airplanes, and boating on the lake.

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